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Our Free Roam arena allows you is about 15' x 18' and allows customers to interact with the entire space during their games. We use the newest state of the art HTC Vive 3 headsets that provide an amazing experience for our players. Because you are incontrol of your point of view at all times and roaming through the arena guests are far less likely to feel vertigo while playing. You can see the other players in the arena with you. All of these games require a minimum of two players.

Free Roam Virtual Reality Pricing

Experience is about 30 minutes. You will get about 18 minutes of play time.
Up to 5 players, Ages 10+
You can select from about 3+ different Game Titles.

Open Play

$15 $12 per participant
Your group is 2-4 players

Available for Walk-in

Private Room

$60 $48 per Session
Your group is 2-5 players
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Game Options

Arrowsong - Cooperative Game

Orcs, goblins and a menacing dragon are out to destroy the sacred tree! You and your band of heroes have been called upon to stop this evil and bring peace to the fairy realm. A dangerous mission that might overwhelm even the most seasoned adventurer.

By the end of 6 waves of goblins, dragons, and orcs you are going to feel like your arms are going to fall off.

Dead Ahead - Cooperative Game

The apocalypse is here! You and your friends make a last stand to defend against the undead. You get 30 seconds to prepare your defences & pick your weapons before the zombies attack. Each wave the zombies become faster and the pressure builds up. Do you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse?

Shooting zombies has never been this fun. Heart pounding action, Repair your barricades, Stay alive!

Cook'd Up - Cooperative Game

If you are farmiliar with the game Overcooked that is available on all of the consoles like xbox and nintendo switch, then just imagine playing that game in a 15' x 15' life sized kitchen... It's amazing.

A family-friendly team-building game. Enter a virtual kitchen where you and your fellow chefs face the challenge to serve tons of hungry customers. Assign tasks, work together, and prepare as many burgers as you physically can. As you and your chefs progress, the recipes will get more complicated, and intensive teamwork and communication is required to keep the customers satisfied.

Escape Rooms

We also have VR Escape Rooms that provide unique and challenging experiences.

You’ll find yourself in a fantastical environment — a space station, or under the sea — and start exploring. There may be objects to pick up and manipulate. There may be codes to decipher. Doors to unlock. When you solve one set of puzzles, they are seamlessly transported into the next area — allowing your experience to be virtually realistic!

VR Escape Rooms involve searching for clues and solving puzzles just like in a traditional escape room. Upon arrival, you choose which adventure to go on. We currently have 8 games to choose from and allow 5 players max, ages 10+.

Outdoor Adventure

Maybe you would prefer to experience your Adventure in the fresh air and warm sunshine. If this is the case we also operate Seattle's Largest outdoor adventure park located 3 miles away inside Paine Field Community Park.

High Trek Adventures is the only outdoor axe throwing venue and the only outdoor Laser Tag Venue in Seattle and the Puget Sound Region. Our outdoor location also has a massive ropes course, 6 ziplines, 6 Climbing Walls, 18 hole mini-golf course, 8 Axe throwing lanes, and a 1-acre tactical laser tag field.

Visit our Outdoor Adventure & Zipline Park
largest ropes course and ziplines for ziplining