Sunday = Family Fun Day

It is a tradition for families to hang out together on Sundays and unwind. We invite you to celebrate your family time at Game On NW, or make it a bigger get together and invite your extended family and friends.

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Why is family time important?

Family time is essential for fostering close relationships, making enduring memories, and enhancing general wellbeing.

Although Sundays are typically a day off from work and school, they are ideal for spending time with loved ones. A variety of family-friendly activities are available at Game On NW, including laser tag, axe throwing, virtual reality, and dance pad games. These activities encourage movement, cooperation, communication, and problem-solving abilities.

For instance, as families cooperate to outscore their opponents in laser tag, it can foster healthy competitiveness and teamwork. Virtual reality and dance pad games encourage physical activity, coordination, and focus, whereas axe throwing can help teach hand-eye coordination, patience, and concentration.

Families can get together at Game On NW in a secure and enjoyable setting to talk about the week gone buy and what is upcoming. Take a look at our offerings and ...enjoy the fam!

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