Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

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🚀 Embark on an extraordinary escape room journey! Gather 2 to 5 participants and dive into our captivating VR Escape Room challenges. With 8 titles to choose from, each promises thrills, teamwork, and strategy.
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Escape Room Pricing

More Titles equals More Fun. Each experience will take about 1 hour you will have a 45 minute time limit on each Challenge. Ages 12+

Open Play

$30 $25 per participant
Your group is 2-4 players
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Private Room

$120 $100 per Game
Your group is 2-5 players
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Escape Room Party Options

Check out these unique event options!

Escape Room + Axe Throwing Party

$180 $160
Includes: Up to 5 Participants
2 to 2.5 Hours
60 Minutes VR Escape Room
60 Minutes of Axe Throwing
Unlimited Sling Putt
Party Table and Seating
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Escape Room + Flash Pad Party

$160 $140
Includes: Up to 5 Participants
1.5 to 2 Hours
60 Minutes VR Escape Room
30 Minutes of Flash Pads
Unlimited Sling Putt
Party Table and Seating
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Escape Room + Virtual Reality Party

$160 $140
Includes: Up to 5 Participants
1.5 to 2 Hours
60 Minutes VR Escape Room
1 x Session in VR Arena
Unlimited Sling Putt
Party Table and Seating
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Seattle Escape Rooms
2 – 5 players allowed
3 – 4 IDEAL team size
Each game has an option for
Normal or Difficult
key dour hatch lock
8 different games
May need to bend or crouch

You’ll find yourself in a fantastical environment — a space station, or under the sea — and start exploring. There may be objects to pick up and manipulate. There may be codes to decipher. Doors to unlock. When you solve one set of puzzles, they are seamlessly transported into the next area — allowing your experience to be virtually realistic!

VR escape rooms involve searching for clues and solving puzzles just like in a traditional escape room. Upon arrival, you choose which adventure to go on. We currently have 8 games to choose from and allow 5 players max.

New VR Coop Cooking Experience

Here is a game that everyone loves. This is a family-friendly team-building game where you can enter a life size virtual kitchen.

You and your fellow chefs face the challenge of serving a ton of hungry customers. Assign tasks, work together, and flip as many burgers as you physically can. As you and your chefs progress, the recipes will get more complicated, and intensive teamwork is required to keep the customers from getting angry.

VR Escape Room FAQ

What are VR Escape Rooms?

They’re just like traditional escape rooms — except they use the power of VR to create newchallenges! You’ll not only be escaping treacherous traps, but working together to accomplishfeats not possible in reality!

Who are VR Escape Rooms designed for?

VR escape rooms are recommended for 12+. We recommend that 12 year olds are acompanied by at least one additional player 16+.

How hard are the games?

Challenges are mostly puzzle-based and designed to encourage players to take different roles.So, even if you think you won’t be good at one thing, your team will need everyone to win!

What about VR Sickness?

While a small number of people may still have problems, vrCAVE’s game design has completelyeliminated VR sickness in most cases (even for those who often experience motion sickness) bysyncing in-game movement with natural movement.

Do I need to be a Gamer?

Nope! Our escape rooms are designed to be intuitive. You’ll walk around as you normallywould in the real world, and you’ll reach out with your hands and use just one button to interactwith things.

Will my glasses fit?

In most cases, glasses will fit inside the headsets. However, especially wide or large glasses maynot work — we advise not wearing glasses if you can, or using contact lenses.

How many people do I need?

VR escape rooms are designed with group play in mind. You will want to play with at least 2 people — but it only gets more fun with more people! At Game On we can have up to 5 people playing simultaneously.

Outdoor Adventure

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